Pow Wow Drums

Pow wow drums are the original "community" drums. The larger sizes can easily accommodate six seated players at one time--more, if drummers are standing. I've been told that removable glass or plexiglass can be cut to fit the drum to protect it when not being played.

Beautifully handmade, with top grain cowhide on both sides, these drums have a rich, deep tone. Available with custom stand and special beaters for multiple players, they are favorites among our customers worldwide.

All Pow Wow drums are made in-house by our master drum-makers,

Prices? Call or email for POW-WOW drum and stand prices

20 x 6"
24 x 6"
26 x 6"
28 x 6"
32 x 6"


Aspen Stands are available
in plain and burnished:

Two POW-WOW drum packages are available and include a burninished aspen stand and 2 pow wow beaters:

28 x 9"
32 x 9"

For more information, contact sweetmedicinedrums@msn.com
(575) 770-3040