About Our Drums

Sweet Medicine Drums handcrafts our native American style drums with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only top quality materials and non-toxic inks. The drums are stretched and strung in the traditional way, using natural, top grain rawhide. They come in three sizes: 14", 16" and 18" diameter and may be ordered with or without designs in round or octagonal. We also have pow-wow drums.

Our designs are hand-silk screened by owner Lynn Wozniak, using non-toxic inks guaranteed not to chip, fade, scratch or impair thedrum's superb tone. The drums are radiantly beautiful, portable,affordable and easy for a beginner to play. A perfect gift for all ages, they are an outstanding musical instrument, a beautiful wall hanging, an authentic (signed) Native American craft item, and an important wellness tool.

How We Came To Be

After many years of devotion to the beauty and healing power of the drum as an employee of the late and widely lamented All One Tribe drum company (AOT), Lynn decided, after AOT ceased operations, to take the plunge and start her own drum company. With the loving support of family and friends and the impulse provided by a vivid dream of Sweet Medicine, Lynn jumped out of bed one morning and told herself, "I can do this, with this name Sweet Medicine Drums I can do this." From that moment on everything seemed to have a magical uncanny flow as if it was part of a larger plan. The Drum in all its healing power is truly THE SWEET MEDICINE needed now more than ever. Indeed, we like to think of Sweet Medicine as the perfect rescue remedy.


Lynn Wozniak, Owner, Drum Maker, and Artist (pictured)


"I am in awe of the healing power. Under a full moon in Taos, NM, Lynn did a drum wash over me with a Goddess Drum. I had the best sleep of my life."
— Raine Munro, Toronto, Canada

"We love your company! The people are great and the vision is uplifting... Please thank your artisans for the soul in your products. We feel it."
— Ruth Lovato, Southwest Moccasin & Drum

“My friend bought a drum from you for my birthday present last month. I just wanted to let you know that it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and it sounds like no other drum I have ever heard. Friends have always told me that when your first drum finds you it ’s a connection that can't even be described and now I understand what they mean. Thank you so much for the beautiful ravens you painted – they are so proud and so silly at the same time I'm just like Raven himself. Please thank Throwing Flower. I love my drum so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
— Adrian Swartout

For more information, contact sweetmedicinedrums@msn.com
(575) 770-3040