Ancient Wisdom Drums
by Casey Jones

Handprint Drum (see enlargement)
The handprint was the first artist's signature. At once individual and universal, it symbolizes our unity as Earth family-citizens, the indigenous Earth-tribe of humans. The eternal spiral of creation is in the palm of the hand.

Oracle Drum
The signs of the zodiac and the ancient runes, both geocentric oracles, surround the fertile, vibrant Earth. This drum may be used consciously to ask for the answer to a pressing concern

Om Zia Drum (see enlargement)

The drumbeat echoes the "Om," vibratory sound of the universe, whose Sanskrit symbol is encircled here by the Zia, ancient Pueblo symbol for the sun. The top, bottom, left, and right rays represent the four directions, the four seasons, the four stages of life and the four stages of the day, respectively.

Goddess Drum (see enlargement)

The goddess figure, representing all wise-woman energy, celebrates with a shaman's drum, playing the universal heartbeat to commune with all living things. In her womb is the eternal spiral of creation. Water, symbolizing feminine energy, surrounds her.

Celtic Drum
The richness of Celtic knotwork, with no beginning and no end, reflects the interconnectedness of all things. The four entwined hearts in the center of the cross symbolize friendship. 


Cosmos Drum
The wisdom and knowledge of all Meso-American cultures is combined in the Aztec Calendar, a complex combination of many different calendars. The figure of the Aztec sun god, representing masculine energy, is encircled by the planets, the stars and the serpents, representing the balance of male and female energy.

Prices For All Drums
14" = $216
16" = $240
18" = $276

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