Our Artists


BJ Quintana

BJ Quintana is a painter, sculptor and curator with work in museums, galleries and private collections across the U.S. and abroad. As a Native American adopted by a loving anglo couple, BJ's search for her tribe has strongly influenced her life and work. Deeply spiritual and a natural student, she has engaged in intensive study of Native American religions and symbology. "It is my hope," she writes, "that in my art the mystery and beauty of all native cultures somehow transcends tribal boundaries." The most magnificent BJ Quintana has also gifted Sweet Medicine the sole use of her memorable Quintana designs.

Carl Winters

Lakota artist Carl Winters is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota. Winters has received numerous awards for his oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, hand drums, and buffalo, deer and elk hides. He has a commissioned mural in the Denver International Airport and has been featured on CNN's "Across America" and in Southwest Art. His works appear in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide. As he writes, "I strive to communicate the validity of the Indian experience in hopes that my work will serve as a vehicle for cross-cultural understanding and respect." Carl Winters has a good and beautiful spirit; he is the real human being we dream. Carl has also gifted Sweet Medicine Drums the sole use of these silk screened designs.

Casey Jones

Casey is a painter and muralist with a background in both commercial and fine art. He is gifted in the use of diverse media including oil, pastels, watercolor, ink, ceramic, stone, and printmaking. Casey created all of the original silk screens which now belong to Sweet Medicine Drums. An incredible artisan with a huge heart, Casey has gifted SMD with the sole use of his Ancient Wisdom Designs.


Known simply as "Rose," this broadly gifted Taos artist has had work commissioned, collected and shown nationwide in a variety of media: drums, scrimshaw, silver, leather, canvas and more. She creates most of the hand-painted drums that Sweet Medicine sells. Part Apache and Tarahumara Indian, her graceful, intricate designs have deeply moved many who view them.



Giovanna Paponetti

Widely known for her public murals, portraits, oils and drum paintings, fine art painter Giovanna Paponetti is passionate about wildlife. She believes that animals can put us in touch with our instinctive powers and that beating the drum enlivens the spirit of the animal represented and lets it soar. Her sophisticated style and nature-based themes are favorites with collectors worldwide, many of whom share her passion for the Earth.


Our Drum Maker

Throwing Flower (Charlotte)

Our head drum maker, Charlotte Martinez (Throwing Flower) was born and raised on Taos Pueblo where she resides with her husband and daughter. Taos Pueblo is 97,000 acres of sacred land, where Charlotte's ancestors have lived and done ceremony for more than 1,000 years. Taos, New Mexico is world famous for its drums and its long-standing tradition of drum making.

A gifted, natural artisan who also does beautiful bead work, Charlotte has been making drums for seven years. Each handmade drum is signed with her Indian name "Throwing Flower". When she's not working, Charlotte's friends can usually find her fishing on the Rio Pueblo.


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