Carl Winters Drums
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Eagle Messenger Drum

As messenger to and from the Creator, the sacred Eagle possesses courage, truth and strength. Symbols of lightning, stars and feathers adorn this design, with silhouetted eagles soaring into the four quarters of the universe.

Horse Coming Drum

Symbols of water and tipis represent the coming of the horse across the ocean from the European to the Indian world (the black inner circle), the hoop of life. The hoof tracks in four directions show the spread of the horse across North America.

Blessing Turtle Drum

Symbolizing protection and a long, blessed life, the turtle's wavy forked lines indicate spiritual qualities. The repetitive circles within the shell pertain to the hoop of life, and the inner blue circle represents water, source of life, and the womb.

Hunting Wolf Drum

Hunter, traveler and survivor in the cycle of creation, the wolf was once plentiful across the four directions. This design was inspired by traditional beadwork and quillwork motifs, as well as by ancient paintings on animal hides.

Buffalo Spirit Drum

The buffalo, once profuse, sustained the Indian people. The 4 feathers and 4 buffaloes aligned in the 4 directions reflect their plenitude as well as the importance of the number 4 in D/N/Lakota spirituality. The central image is the spirit of the buffalo.

Charging Bear Drum

Possessing courage, strength and quickness, the bear's lightning motif designates powerful spiritual qualities. This stylized, circular interpretation, inspired by historical hide paintings, symbolizes the bear in the hoop of life.

Prices For All Drums
14" = $216
16" = $240
18" = $276

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