BJ Quintana Drums
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The Biting Bear Drum

The bear is a symbol of power and protection. As territorial guardian of the Red Earth, he is the encircling sentinel of the Earth Mother and the Place of Emergence.

The Dance of the Serpents Drum

The snakes, representing the lifewaters, are surrounded by lightning. The swirling creation dance of the serpents forms the land masses and reveals the Sipapu, the Place of Emergence.



The Keeper Drum

Wise and swift, the rabbit is a sacred animal in many indigenous cultures worldwide. Keeper of the Great Secret, he is a Guardian, standing watch over all points of the Mother Earth.

Kokopelli: The Joybringer Drum

The Kokopelli is an ancient graphic figure in many indigenous cultures, symbolizing male energy, fertility, long life and happiness. His music is a prayer for all living things.



The Deer Dance Drum

The deer is a sacred animal placed on earth for the care of humankind. The Deer Dance, performed by many tribes, honors the animal spirit and symbolizes the connection and balance between man and animal.

The Eagle Drum

Widely recognized as a powerful being, the eagle is a symbol of strength, courage and great wisdom. Soaring the heavens of the four directions, it sees all things.

Prices For All Drums
14" = $216
16" = $240
18" = $276

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