Artbeat Drums

Handmade in Taos by Native American drum-makers, these authentic top-grain cowhide drums have a traditional handle. Ideal for shorter-term drumming and decor, they have deep tone and are handprinted (using non-toxic inks) with petroglyph-inspired designs. Available in 16" octagonal only. Free beater included.

Millennium Labyrinth (see enlargement)

This striking octagonal labyrinth design is a woodblock-style variation of the St. Quentin Pavement Maze. The maze is hand silk screened using non-toxic ink, with a hand painted rainbow background. Follow the black stones to the hand print at center, symbolizing our Earth-tribe Unity. The border of evenly balanced male-female energy further illustrates our vision for the new millennium.

Eternal Spiral (see enlargement)

In this petroglyph-inspired design, the lizards are emerging from the spiral, the doorway through which they are born out of Mother Earth

Double Kokopelli

A symbol of fertility and joy, kokopelli's image abounds on pottery and rock art throughout the Southwest and Northern Mexico.

Anasazi Petroglyph

From Nine-Mile Canyon in Utah, this ancient panel depicts a shaman and shield figure, an ambushing warrior and various quadrupeds.

Bear Shield

Symbolizing strength and protection, the bear is found on shields and tipis throughout the Great Plains tribes.

Dancing Buffalo Woman

This petroglyph-inspired design shows a native woman dancing joyfully. Her dance honors the buffalo, once a source of sustenance for Native American People.

Prices For All Drums
16" = $240

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