Hand-Painted Drums
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All hand-painted drums, except where otherwise indicated, are painted by Rose.


Representing joy and love in some traditions, hummingbird feathers are said to open the heart.

Eagle Feathers

Associated with the divine creative force, eagle feathers , sacred to native peoples, are considered powerful healing tools.



Eagle Feathers II

These eagle feathers were painted by Giovanna
Papponetti. She believes that animals can put us in touch with our instinctive powers and that beating the drum enlivens the spirit of the animal represented and lets it soar.


Dolphins are thought by many to represent unconditional love. Their haunting sounds have been said to be signals to humans of the Unity of all creatures.




Yellow Butterfly Woman

Representing the female aspect of transformation, she embraces new life, fresh beginnings, beauty,and the wonder and magnificance of creation. Yellow represts deep lasting joy, balance and contentment.

Butterfly Fairy

A best seller in places like Scottland and among folks with playful spirits who still have an open heart and an appreciation for the wee people.




Corn Maiden Series

Apache Corn Maiden

Hopi Corn Maiden

Many prayerful Native American tribes hold sacred the corn plant that has fed the people for thousands of years. The basic four colors of corn for many represent the four directions red, blue, white and yellow and also the four races depending on the specific tribe. Each individual surviving Native American tribe still has their own unique and privite teachings and traditions that have been continuosly honored since the begining of all things.

Apache Corn Maiden II

Navajo Corn Maiden


Blue Corn Maiden

Hand painted drum prices:
14" = 398.00, 16" = 425.00, 18" = 450.00

double sided hand painted are temporarily 475.00 and 525.00
(these are also called the small pow wow drums).

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